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How to Play Golf? Golf Instruction Guide. Play Golf To WIN!

Review The Basics - From Beginner To Pro Golfing Instruction plus the Best Golf Book!

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Our instructors have put together everything you need to improve your game: Golf swing, putting, short game; all the instruction secrets at one location: "Get How to Play Golf? Beginner Golf Instruction Guide."

Play Better Golf in a Few Short Weeks. Get Complete Control over your Ball Flight for both Elevation and Curvature is a Huge Advantage. Golfswing Instruction Techniques for Improving your Game from Teaching Professionals. This is a Solid Reference for Every Component of your Golf Game.


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"The TRUE reason that less than 10% of ALL golfers consistently break 100"

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Bobby Eldridge
PurePoint Golf - Head Professional
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We've packed over 30 precise steps just like this one in our unique golf swing system. The explanations are incredibly detailed, simple to understand, and fool proof when you get on the course. Read on...

Bobby Eldridge has come out with a DVD video series that simplifies the golf swing so that it's easy to play the game... without the frustration! PurePoint Golf Instruction Catalog

"Learn How To Make GUARANTEED Accurate Distance Shots, Lengthen your Drive, Short Game Secrets where with you'll Cut your Handicap by 5-7 even 13 Strokes in a few Weeks With Our Instruction Methods!"

Is your golf swing straight and accurate and your putting skills reliable and complete? We give you insider tweaks and instruction that will put you in a class above where you started. NOW is the time to fix your golf game. My system will eliminate golf swing problems and you will improve your score. How To Break 80 - Lengthen your drive and cut 5 - 7 even 13 strokes off your score within a few rounds.

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Inconsistent putting? Our expert book includes a lazer focus approach to putting. You'll discover the putting secrets that will have you shooting the lowest score of your life. One of the secrets of shooting low scores is great putting. Did you know that the average golfer takes over 40% of his shots from the putting green? Simple, Proven GOLF PUTTING TIPS. No longer fear pressure putts with our super golf instruction system.

Understand things about the game you may have never considered to make you a much better golfer. You want a great golf score? Take your game to the next level! The reason our system has been so successful is because it focuses entirely on LOWERING YOUR SCORES! Lower your score immediately.

Top Golfers Reveal: How To Improve Your Golf Score ( Even Ten Points or More) With Proven Golf Techniques ...

"Are YOU Getting The Best Results From Your Golfing Efforts?

Do You Need To Relearn Key Things To Improve?"

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 Beginner Golf Instruction: How To Play Golf. This eBook is designed for both beginnners to golfers
who want to break 85 or 90s all broken down to the individual parts so the average golfer has a solid reference
for every component of their golf game. at  Pro Golf Instruction Books

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